• Set Goals for your Social Media marketing
  • Know who you want to target and understand them
  • Actively engage people every day in a two way conversation on Twitter for 10 minutes
  • Join a social media site once a week and develop it completely
  • Follow stats programs to know where you are, Klout, Dashboard on Blog, etc
  • Monitor what is being said about you and your business on Google Alerts
  • Check email several times a day on SmartPhone
  • Answer Email ASAP
  • Pay for one professional photo for all of your Social media and keep it current
  • Develop a professional looking Blog
  • Write one blog post once or twice per week on relevant topic
  • Provide a free offering on Blog to get a database, use ‘aWeber’ service
  • Comment on 4 Other Blogs to generate linkages
  • Be generous to other bloggers and tweeters by RT or comments
  • Personally Email a Reader
  • Check Twitter
  • Send out 3-5 tweets per day on interesting relevant topics
  • Send out more tweets 10-15 on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Retweet at least 5 Posts from Other Blogs
  • Each day ‘Follow’ 100 people who are interesting or relevant to you
  • Once a week ‘Unfollow’ 100 people who don’t follow you
  • Check FaceBook daily, have new posts sent to your primary email address
  • Acknowledge birthdays on FaceBook, it’s announced every day on your page
  • Join groups and fan pages on FaceBook, Groups on LinkedIn
  • Check LinkedIn every 2 days for new email, people wanting to join
  • Accept LinkedIn requests to follow you if they make sense to you
  • Add received business card emails into LinkedIn once a week
  • Go to LinkedIn’s Q&A section and offer answers to questions
  • Read other posts in your area of expertise to remain current
  • Source new Apps weekly for your SmartPhone
  • Develop a QR code for your Business Card
  • Start your Own Meetup for $65 and send out invites to join
  • Make sure your Blog/Website is Search Engine Optomized (SEO)
  • Differentiate Yourself! And have fun!
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  1. An excellent comprehensive list. Thanks for sharing this Gary. It provides a real behind-the-scenes glimpse of the hard work and consistent effort that’s involved in becoming a key influencer on Social Media.

    1. those 3 days are the most popular days when people read tweets according to studies, the hours coincide with getting home from work and or university

  2. Just curious, how do you manage to unfollow only once per week on Twitter? Do you really have that high of a follow back rate?

    If so, that’s pretty cool.

    1. the number of Tweets gives you more credibility on Klout, as well as engaging with other people and the days are determined from analysis of traffic to Twitter that shows those days are most active among college students and others.

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