The obvious person who should read my book (you noticed I used should) is the youthful entrepreneur wanna-be who knows they have an idea bubbling in their youthful brain, can’t find a job in any field or maybe they are unemployable, but that usually happens later in life.

As I ponder, I realize my book wasn’t geared to a certain age bracket. I wrote it for those of us, at any age, who feel that they have something they want to do differently from the milieu, who want to be their own boss and determine their own future and yes, those who can’t find a ‘job’ in a chosen field.

As I went deeper I realized there are mainly two distinct age groups; the 25-39 age group (hey at 40 it all changes anyway) and the over 55 age group. The latter group is similar to the young age group in that both groups have trouble finding work, more to the point one group has too little experience and the other has too much. I’ve never figured how the too much experience can be a detriment to an employer unless the employer has a terrible confidence issue.

I’m at the age where jobs are offered to me where maturity and experience are a requirement, e.g. a university professor or a CEO. Jobs that are satisfying to mature and experienced persons are few and far between so we find ourselves looking for a business opportunity instead. I get lots of business opportunities thrust at me on a daily basis and it seems they all are from the younger group looking for a guy in my age group. Go figure!

Baby Boomers are a major demographic for my book. I want to help the guy who has been a salesman all his life or a professional engineer for 30 years who has an ‘idea’. These people aren’t going to do retirement at 55. I have friends in their 70’s who are more robust than some 20 somethings I know.

They don’t have the luxury of moving slowly to a goal of self employment so they believe in carpe diem. Quite often they can use the extra money a small business can provide.

I sure hope I can stimulate enough older people to start businesses and get that business that they have been carrying for years in the back of their mind out into the open.

A bucket list? Maybe!

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  1. You are so right about the needs of baby boomers who are looking to start businesses for the first time. There is a tremendous demand for that niche to find ways to address living into retirement. You are providing a great service. I will look forward to getting a copy of your book.

  2. Gary, you got the demographic right, and I’m nestled in this entrepreneurial group of endeavouring youngins with fresh mindset, passion, ambition and eagerness. I’d love to chat with you I’m craving some guidance!

    Merry Christmas!

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