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Vera Unwin, Michael Gerber and Gary C. Bizzo
Vera Unwin, Michael Gerber & Gary C. Bizzo

The Dreaming Room is designed to awaken the entrepreneur within you.  Not to make you more effective at working IN your business, but to make you more effective at working ON your business.
The entrepreneur is the one who creates the opportunities that are waiting for you in the world around you.
To fill them with your vitality.  With your spirit. With your passion.  With your imagination. With your Soul.
But in order to create opportunities, the entrepreneur within you must first recognize what an opportunity is, and what purpose it serves.
That’s what happens in The Dreaming Room.
What happens in the Dreaming Room is that each and every participant is taken on a unique, one-of-a-kind journey.  Unique, because it is their journey and their journey only.
The journey one goes on in the Dreaming Room is therefore completely unpredictable because no two participants are the same.  No two journeys are the same.
In the Dreaming Room you are not the same as the fellow or women seated to your right or to your left.
Your creative surge is yours alone.
Your path to freedom is only yours, and no one else’s.
Your personality, your history, your obstacles toward inventing a new life through the creation of a new venture, are only applicable, and therefore important, to you.  To you alone.
That’s why we say that The Dreaming Room process is no more or less than an original experience.
A deeply personal, evolutionary experience that is impossible to describe.
Since only you can know it when it happens.
And only you can do it when you are so awakened.
A blank piece of paper and beginner’s mind.
That’s all you need to know when you come to The Dreaming Room.
Along with the desire to explore your own imagination.
Are you up to that?
Are you up to experiencing a miracle inside?
Well, that’s what I do in The Dreaming Room.
Don’t ask me how I do it.
I just do.
Ask anyone who’s been there.
They’ll tell you the very same thing.
It was miraculous.
That’s why I love to do it.
That’s why I know I will love doing it with you.
Come dream with me.
Stop thinking about it.
Come dream with me.

Michael E. Gerber
Chief Dreamer
In the Dreaming Room
Carlsbad, California

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