What do You Think I am, a Superhero?

I have quite a few followers on Twitter (@gbizzo) so I am often asked to help people with their social media strategies and development. I have my secrets but am willing to share some common best practices with people. But, hey, at the end of the day, I make a living with what I know and Social Media Marketing is a good part of it.

Gary BizzoImagine my delight when a new client calls and says he wants to pay me big bucks to get me a whole pile of followers on Twitter or Facebook What do think I am, a Superhero? Ok now where do we start, there’s a big difference between FaceBook and Twitter?

I met with this upscale client and found out that he really has no social media presence and has no idea what to do or where to start. I checked him out online before our meeting, a standard practice and was a little put off when his business card didn’t match at all his website and his website was not dynamic. Further, there was no semblance of branding whatsoever. Why was he so prepared to spend an inordinate amount of money to be on Twitter? Apparently, his friends at the club laughed at his lack of media savvy and he wanted to show them up.

Social media marketing is marketing after all folks and even if my client had 10,000 followers , so what, he would unlikely benefit from it. Not knowing ‘pull marketing’ or Return on investment (ROI) he wouldn’t know if my gathering of followers was costing or benefiting him. Any fool can gather friends or followers but without an overall strategy it won’t help a poor marketing campaign or lack of one.

I gave my new found client a variety of options, first of which required him to take a social media course. He was shocked at that one for sure. Next I told him the huge bucks he was going to pay me to get Twitter followers was just the beginning because I needed to redevelop his blog, add AWeber mail services and database management to his site, CRM, redo his business cards and redefine his overall image. Heck, I considered taking him a good tailor. Aghast ; the simple Twitter experiment he thought would take a few days was now going to be very costly and take weeks.

Since Twitter is only 5 years old people think the young guy next door with computer skills is a Twitter expert or a Facebook fiend. Would you trust a 5 year old with your social media campaign? The power behind using these media successfully in a multi pronged attack with an overall strategy that takes into account everything, in other words – a Plan.

I told him he didn’t need a Social media Superhero, not that I knew any, he needed a Marketing guru.

Where do I find one of those, he asked? Ahghghg

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  1. When twitter was just starting out – i had a lot of those types of questions as well – at one time I had over 10k followers – I even wrote a book (which is out of date now as twitter and social media change every 2 hours) but my blog is still up and still relevant – check it out some time 0- the older posts are still sorta relevant and have a lot of “meat” to them – let me know what you think!

  2. I hear “social media plan” a lot. I have a Facebook presence, I am active on LinkedIn and of course Twitter. I link my accounts to my web sites and engage with my followers. But what other things are in a so called “plan?”



    1. Thanks Geoff, how about content relevant ot your client or yourself for both FB and Twitter, relevant article generation for your professional blog, regular blog entries, a business profile on both FB and LinkedIn versus a personal one, Twitter strategy like who and what type of follower you want, when to tweet, do you follow trending topics or do you create your own, e.g. I like to follow Tweeters who talk about startups. Linking to other social media implies you have people following you to refer. I like to use all the social media as pull marketing ot send it where I want people to go, like you coming here to read my article from Twitter

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