I went to a great Meetup tonight, the Vancouver Social Media Professionals http://bit.ly/d7xWeN .  It was a great location, a private dining room in the second floor of the Water Street Café in downtown Vancouver- even better- Gastown on the waterfront.

This was my first visit to an elite group of Social media movers in Vancouver. I got there through a 2 page synopsis of my social media resume to the organizer, Glenn Hilton, and was lucky to be among the 17 people invited. Another attendee Mary Salvino just posted a comment on FaceBook which said it all-
“This evening, I had the distinct pleasure of being in the company of a wonderful group of forward thinking individuals.  I am quite certain there was enough information stored in the heads of the attendees to fill several terabytes. It was a privilege to be invited to be part of the group.”

Owen Greaves, Futurist,  talked about the Future of Business in Social Media which left us all worried about nanobytes and chips in our heads. His talk created discussion that was lively and well received.

The thing I came out of this was that each of us see social media differently, it’s not all about money and there are other options/reasons for believing social media is the panacea for everything.

Some there were into podcasts and spreading the ‘word’ to all who will watch, others into ‘bleeding’ edge web 2.0, a couple into affiliate marketing and social media networking.  All are professionals! Wow

In my world I like the idea that I can bring people to my website to read my blogs through other social media; but what I came to realize today is that like Obama used social media to get elected President of the United States, you and I, average people can make changes to the politics of our country one person at a time – but multiply that by thousands of times over.

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