I’m going to blatantly use my blog to espouse my Policy Statement for the 2010 Election of the Board of Directors of Vancity, a 400,000 member credit union which I support in more ways than one in Vancouver.

I am a member but more than that I have promoted their loans to clients totaling about $800,000. over the last few years.

Policy Statement 2010

I joined Vancity because of one very strong reason, Vancity’s leadership role in community, social and economic development.

I am not a wealthy man, (I manage a government funded program) but in an effort to help the community on a personal level I will be donating 50% of my first years Director’s honorarium ($10,000)  to the Vancouver Food Bank and I ask the other candidates to join me.

My priorities to keep Vancity the industry leader:
•  Provide an Open ear to any member’s issue and problem
•  To push for enhanced security on ecommerce and member accounts
•  Work to improve the delivery of services
•  Support community initiatives that is giving Vancouver its social conscience
•  Continue and enhance the support Vancity provides to Small Business
•  To make business sustainable with the support of Vancity loans
•  To represent Vancity as a strong & influential business leader
•  To support the development & leadership role in successful community social enterprises
•  I want to give back to my community through Vancity’s programs and grants to non-profit organizations
•  I want to work hands-on with the Vancity Award, enviroFund and the Green Building grants for a sustainable environment
•  Continued support of the ABLED program supporting entrepreneurs with disabilities, and the Be My Own Boss Loan and Peer Lending programs for micro-entrepreneurs.

Now is the time for boldness. With our economy starting to come back we need to support the community. Personal responsibility is more important than ever. Let me provide you that strong leadership!

These are important times and you can make a difference. Please vote!

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