I was talking with my wife last night about being an entrepreneur. She’s glad I have the entrepreneurial spirit because she feels it isn’t for the weak of heart and at the least is a daunting challenge. My wife, Jo Ann is a woman with good ideas, an exceptionally strong work ethic (starting her working career as a young teenager) and with a strong desire to get ahead, she is a natural to be an entrepreneur but’

It’s scary and certainly a slippery slope being an entrepreneur wannabe. Many entrepreneurs become one out of necessity, being laid off from a long held job usually from an economic downturn making a job redundant, an immigrant unable to find employment suitable to his qualifications, a youth out of university unable to find a job.

Another entrepreneur develops from someone who has had it with an overzealous incompetent employer (this one fits my move to being an entrepreneur), a manager suffering from the Peter Principle (a manager who reaches his level of incompetence) and/or a system which doesn’t give employees sufficient kudos, benefits and challenges to keep them as an employee.

This brings us to the employee/entrepreneur tipping point, the point at which we realize the benefits of self employment (can’t believe I used that word instead of entrepreneur) outweighs the inconsistencies and hidden dangers of being an entrepreneur.

My wife pointed out that it is a difficult decision to quit a good job with benefits. The benefits include pension plans, dental, structure, a place to fit in, and a place where you get recognition (well maybe that’s a stretch).

After all is said and done I think that you can’t decide to be an entrepreneur based on weighing the pros and cons. It’s more like a gut feeling- mind you it might be a bellyache at times but clearly itâ’s a choice one must make.


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  1. Excellent food for thought. I left a good job that offered the following benefits: Four weeks paid vacation, 12 additional days off a year, excellent salary, excellent medical & dental plan, free telecommunications and an excellent pension plan.

    I was told I was crazy to give up such a career. However, due to the unethical operations of various managers and executives, I could no longer feel comfortable working in such an environment. So, I became that entrepreneur who had enough of overzealous, egotistical and various incompetent managers and an organization that suffered from the Peter Principle in many areas.

    I went on to enjoy an excellent life and career. I was very fortunate to have a good wife who stood behind me and encouraged me to leave the Company after 14 years. The only thing I missed was, not the pension benefits or any of the other benefit packages, but the excellent team of employees whom I had the pleasure to work with and manage.

    If one can take on the “true” entrepreneurial role, they will certainly enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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