I was reminded of an old acquaintance today, Michael Gerber, and thought I might write a few words about this man who has single handedly saved more businesses from failure than any man alive. Yes, seriously!

I met Michael when I was a commercial photographer several years ago. He hired me to follow him around for a few days in Vancouver and Whistler when he was in town for a keynote speech at a local convention.  I was his tour guide as well,  so we shared some stories, had some meals together and as a surprise I sent him to the airport in a limo with a copy of his favorite paper, the New York Times (that’s really hard to find in Vancouver at 7 am). It was kewl to be with a true business thinker for 3 days.

The author of 13 business books, including the bestseller E-Myth, he is the quintessential business coach. He even was the first to coin the term Business Coach in 1977.

He is an engaging guy, humorous and very intense. Talking business with this guy is like talking to Einstein on physics or Mother Teresa on religion. He loves to help entrepreneurs and over his 74 years has worked with around 70,000 businesses. A stunning number for sure!

His theories are simple; work on your business not in it and develop systems to plan your business so it runs smoothly.

In my capacity of working with 120 startup businesses a year his book, the E-Myth, is required reading for each entrepreneur I work with. My staff and I use his theories on a regular basis and I’m sure more Gerber books flow through my operation than anywhere in Vancouver.

An associate of mine, Vera Unwin, and I are currently working on bringing Michael’s Dreaming Room to Vancouver in the near future. This will be mind blowing, business altering and certainly innovative if we can pull it off. Keep your fingers crossed. This could be a lot of fun!

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