Let’s recap BC’s Provincial election and how it relates to Burnaby.

The ruling Liberal party gets another mandate to serve the people of BC. The people of Burnaby now have 20 of 22 elected officials in my city who belong to the opposition.

Kathy (I have vast experience as a School Board Trustee) Corrigan is elected over a hard working John Nuraney. Being the wife of the Mayor of Burnaby has its advantages. She can lobby over breakfast for provincial money -but wait she is in the opposition and therefore has no access to money; she can hear the concerns of the city from her husband the mayor -but wait, she has no way to make good on those concerns. She can fight the election issue of a Correctional facility in Burnaby where one has existed for decades -but has no power to cancel it.

What has Kathy (the hack) Corrigan accomplished? Well according to the left wing/NDP newspaper, Burnaby Now, she has created a dynasty. The Corrigan dynasty, the Mayor and Kathy the MLA, now have more power than God in Burnaby.

What’s the saying ” 2 big fish in a little pond”. It’s a joke -perhaps their children will follow in their parents illustrious footsteps, probably school board and dog catcher.

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