Guerrilla Marketing Increases Business

guerillaI was pondering the different ways you can manage the promotion of your product, service and website. (in bold below). I’m a guerilla marketer so pardon me if most of them are free if you have some skill at all in CRM and have someone help you install a template at least for your blog.

Start off with a marketing plan, a guide to your focus and direction needs to be in place. When you develop your marketing plan you will have identified a couple of things necessary to have a successful operation. The obvious, a dynamic business name, a business card, snappy logo and a market niche can all be drawn into a compelling identity with a focused brand.

So how does a guerrilla develop a marketing plan? Read the rest of this entry

Viral Marketing

As entrepreneurs we all know about the many ways of marketing our products and services. According to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (yes there is one) Social Networking has increased the number of many ways to reach possible customers.

Buzz Marketing is a viral marketing technique that attempts to make marketing appear to be a unique one to one interaction. If you’ve been in a chat room and someone seems to be pushing a product, it could very well be a representative of the company assuming a position of a fellow chatter. Read the rest of this entry