In my previous Blog I wrote how doubt and lack of confidence, and how it can be a debilitating aspect of your business success.

I ask my new entrepreneurs to speak to 3 other entrepreneurs and ask them a series of questions. What was your biggest problem in the first year (usually answered with faulty planning, lack of finance, or planning).

I also get them to ask the experienced entrepreneur: when did he or she feel they were over the hump with their business?

Speaking of which, some people never seem to get over the hump in their mind. There’s always another problem to surmount. When do I make my first big sale? When I hire my first employee? (or as one man said to me) after 5 years when I take my first holiday I will be ‘over the hump’.

For my money the best ways to feel like you are ‘over the hump’  is to execute your first big sale, chalk up your first budget breaking sales month or receive kudos from a satisfied client.

Remember – SUCCESS Fuels the Warrior!

As a young photographer I struggled with charging my clients at the same rate as my peers in the profession. For years I undercut others and secured the business. However, in a moment of bravado I submitted a proposal to a political figure to manage the advertising for his campaign. He accepted my bid and my future in commercial photography was assured. The success of that moment in time gave me the impetus to continue at a level I had dreamed about in the past. When the doubt is replaced by the feeling of success – watch out world!

An entrepreneur needs to have that moment in time when he feels that he has achieved success. Take it from me. When you grasp that first milestone of success with both hands you will rid yourself of the nagging doubt that likes to creep into our minds and keep us from succeeding in our goals.

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