The Definitive business startup guide from concept through financing to operating your business – the right way!

I wanted to write a book that would allow new entrepreneurs ease of entry into the business world. What I found out was that it wasn’t just for the young twenty something kid right out of school.

I was writing for the man tired of working 14 hours a day by himself in a dead-end job with no respite, for the woman who came to me telling me she had six different businesses opened and closed within seven years and the 65-year-old baby boomer wanting to supplement a meagre pension who had an ‘idea’.

I wanted to help the 50-year-old man who had ulcers because of the 30-year-old boss who was bullying him to leave his job and the single mother who had that great art craft idea for kids only a mother could conjure up.

This book is for those with a passion and a spirit who just need a little help.

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