150,000+ Twitter Followers, an influence rate of 70%, number 2 Social media networker in Vancouver,  hundreds of LinkedIn and hundreds more of Facebook followers reaching 18 million people daily. Just numbers?  Sort of, but they are MY social media numbers.

In the beginning I got caught up in the trend like everyone. Wow, what a great way to sell people things on the internet. What if I didn’t want to sell anything but wanted to engage people in dialogue, sometimes funny, sometimes irreverent but always heartfelt?

As my numbers grew an interesting thing happened, masses of people started coming to my blog and actually read it. Then something else happened, people started hiring for my expertise.

People ask me if there is money in those tweets and connections and why waste your time playing on the internet with ‘stupid’ social media. Heck most people 2 years ago didn’t even know what social media was or how it was worth the hype. Well things have changed folks!

The first business opportunity for me came from social media site www.LinkedIn.com . I was asked by the Mexican government to represent their interests in Canada to secure Sustainable Energy Solutions for their country  Ca -Ching! Because they saw me on LinkedIn, the Facebook for Business people.

Secondly, I was asked to take on a 6 month contract with a local Vancouver College in an effort bring them into profitability, ca- ching! How was I found? Twitter.

The most incredible social media event that happened because of social media networking was when I read an article in the Globe and Mail about the salaries of charity CEO’s in Canada. All of those reviewed made huge salaries with perks better than many multinational corporations. I was incensed that charity dollars paid millions to CEO of charities. I started blogging and tweeting that story.

An MP in Ottawa read my blogs and tweets then proposed a law (Bill 470) in Canada limiting CEO charities and making their salaries transparent. I received thousands of responses to my blog and ‘tweets’ and was invited to speak before the House of Commons Finance Committee as an expert as to what the common person thinks about those huge salaries based the people who responded to my social media. Phew! I went to Ottawa in December and boy it was a trip of a lifetime. An experience fueled by social media.

The latter gave me the most incredible feeling of power, in a bigger picture kind of way, that one person can make a difference. If you don’t believe that, how do you think the revolution in Eqypt started? With a Tweet  no doubt!

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  1. I dont want to sell anything. I love this country. If, you get that good for you.

    I am one of the only few Canadians that follow politics, I don’t need money.

    I make a difference by education, small, but it matters.

  2. Very Cool. Yes one person can make a difference, especially in today’s age. It is time for the small voices to start speaking out. Especially with an election, (oops 2 possibly) coming up. My Blog is not up yet, but will be soon.

    We must never forget, that we can still speak out, in our democratic countries. Keep up the good work.

  3. Great stuff. My blog needs to be brought back to life and I need to get committed to it. I don’t have nearly the numbers as you but I guess I have a Klout score of 67. So I must make a difference in someone’s life. I get complimented on my content a lot lately which is good.

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