I was sitting with a client over lunch today pondering the different roles I face on a daily basis with my different clients. The Friend works quite well for some. I give advice and they take as they would a friend. Oddly, I have friends who won’t take my advice.

I play the bully at times playing my client like a viola hoping to instill some common sense in their brain all the while thinking how various people need diverse methods.

I become the confidante to the client who is facing doubt and fear hoping like heck I am giving solace to them and a solution to their personal issues.

I share their triumphs and their failures, pat them on the back and slap them on the side of the head when needed.

I’m told I’m very blunt but fair. I tell it like it is and don’t often sugarcoat my opinions or the scenario. That doesn’t benefit anyone.

The consultant in me gives my client informed statements about their business that if taken will make drastic positive change. The coach in me cajoles the client into seeing my point of view with direction and the counselor in me gives them the tools to make their own informed decision.

I wrote down some things that I do on a regular basis with my clients. I thought it might be fun to put on the back of my business card, but hey, talk about a generalist.

Money Found
Media Produced
Corporations Run
Coaching planned
Budgets followed
Problems identified
Processes Improved
Companies Analyzed
Businesses Managed
Technology Implemented
Business Plans Developed
& Marketing Plans Designed

I love doing what I do!

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