Some see me as blunt, others think I ‘m opinionated. I think people feel I’m competent and honest and I think people like me. I’ve been self employed for more than 30 years and have been involved in the community most of them. I don’t suffer fools and am quick to make people as accountable as I am with myself.

Gary BizzoI’ve been running for the Vancity Credit Union’s Board of Directors for the past 5 years. I originally ran because I felt it was a progressive organization under the leadership of legendary Dave Mowat the former CEO. Well I ‘m still running and he’s gone!

It’s tough to hold yourself open to public (sort of) office and I always wonder what makes people seek to put their name and face up for an election. I’ve never had a problem ever since high school running for election. I always felt I could do a good job, often better than others and I wasn’t afraid to be accountable.

I’ve been told in the past I am a Maverick – but hey, I am very quick to remind people that a leader may be a maverick as long as he is also a team player, a conundrum sometimes but it’s never been a problem with me.  I can pick my terms of engagement, if labeled a maverick, but I always work for the best for the group.

This year I figured I’d have a better chance of election, because Vancity wanted someone with:
-             Business/financial experience. Hmmm does 30 years running many businesses count? And the writing of hundreds of business plans or being on countless Boards?
-              Commitment to Vancity? I’ve placed hundreds of thousands of Vancity micro loans & Peer Lending with entrepreneurs I mentor. Most Vancity employees aren’t even familiar with Peer Loans.
-              Social Media Networker was also noted as a leading skill Vancity wanted. Does having 110,000 followers on the leading social media Twitter count or the many millions of people I touch every day? FYI Vancity has 189 Twitter followers, so yes they need help.

I wasn’t ‘chosen’ as one of the 5 ‘recommended’ candidates so if you vote for me you must think outside the box and like challenges or underdogs.

Just so you don’t feel sorry for me if I don’t win, I like the engagement with members I get from this experience, I like challenging the status quo and ‘banks’ require the status quo. I think it would be a life changing experience to represent Vancity, Canada’s Largest Credit Union. BTW the reference to ‘bank’ was where I never want Vancity to go. Heaven help us!!

The Campaign Period begins on April 5 and ends on April 30, 2011.  Members will begin voting during this time period online and by mail, and members may vote in select branches during the week of April 25 to April 30.

You can vote online for me here if you’re a member If you’re not a member thanks for reading, you think I’m a maverick?


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