My partner, Bob Munro and I are putting on a workshop March 24-25 that may open a can of worms. It’s for Men only; not a politically correct notion these days. The kicker is that it’s about men finding their masculinity, power and identity, something that has been buried in most of us for a long time
outlinecouple. This will unlock it, guaranteed!

I’ve told women our plan to give men the opportunity to be more honroable, stronger, how to get them back to that man they were attracted to in the beginning. The women I’ve spoken to pat me on the back and thank me for giving men the chance to change from boys to men. I must admit I’ve been a bit more than surprised by the women’s perspective. I figured women might think we were women bashing – no women are actually promoting the workshop to friends, women’s events and such to the point that I placed an add on FaceBook with the caption “Women of Vancouver Unite” and give us your boys so we can make them men.

Something always changes in a relationship once both get comfortable with each other, some call it lazy or maybe complacent. I think this workshop will jumpstart that missing oomph you both had in the beginning.

Men Join us next Saturday in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver. You can register HERE

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