This 2 day workshop, March 24 -25, 2012, is something you may never have done before or even considered doing. The Masculine Power & Identity Workshop has been designed by professionals in an effort to make your life more satisfying, productive and certainly more fulfilling for you as a Man!

“We don’t have all the answers, just the right questions. Let us help you find the Answers!”

Your adventure begins with this Registration process but it continues with a comprehensive process that will question what you want to achieve in this workshop and what your can give back to other Men.

Are you ready for an adventure? Join us for 2 solid days of finding your Masculine Power, 2 days of being with men also seeking their Power and develop a camaraderie that will stay with you forever.

You will be well taken care of, you will get value and you will find things within you that have always been there. We will help you tap into that Power!

Gary C. Bizzo, Chief  Operating Officer     Power Productions Corp
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  1. Seems like a very good thing to do for men, I’m away to Denver that weekend. Wish you luck, more men need to understand relationships

  2. This sounds like something that would be good for anyone? I assume there will be a workshop for women coming down the line. In the meantime, I wish and hope that my husband will sign up for this workshop!

  3. I saw your ad on Facebook about ‘Women of Vancouver Unite, give us your boys and we’ll turn them into MEN’ so darn incredible. Will you be doing a women’s workshop?

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