I just attended the last Dreaming Room lead by the world famous Michael E. Gerber, the man who coined the term “Business Coach’ more than 30 years ago.

Michael E. Gerber/ Gary C. Bizzo
Gerber & Biz

I’ve written about Michael a couple of times because his business ideas have changed my life and the lives of many of my clients. The vision of building systems, the notion that each entrepreneur has three people in their heads;  the technician, the manager and the entrepreneur,  and that every real entrepreneur develops a business with scalability and replication built in have enamoured readers for decades.

The Dreaming Room is a place and a mindset conducted in Carlsbad, California where Michael and his wonderful wife, and CEO, Luz Delia live. It is close to San Diego and a great place to go for the three days in December.  In Michael’s own words;

“The Dreaming Room is the place where true entrepreneurs are reborn. I awaken and inspire and invigorate the entrepreneur within you. If you are here to create a new company or a new company out of the old one you already have, this is the place to do it. Let me touch your imagination with ideas beyond anything you have ever thought before.”

I was inspired, felt long lost emotions, met some incredible entrepreneurs and listened to the entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur, Michael Gerber for three action packed days from 8 until 5pm.

It’s hard work dreaming about business but I dare say every participant came out of there with focus, hope, promise and a spirited game plan about how to rejuvenate, build, develop a new enterprise and even closing a business that has become a tunnel with no end. This ran the gamut. There’s no room for thinking small in the Dreaming room. It’s about big business, big ideas, big change and looking at the big picture.

Michael Gerber’s mantra is “Dream big, Think Small and Act even Smaller” – Think about it!

The closing of the three day Dreaming Room was a celebration. It was a celebration for a number of reasons. It was the 25th Anniversary of Michael’s best selling book the E-Myth, 5 years since he started the first of 59 Dreaming Rooms and probably the most emotional part, the end of the Dreaming Rooms lead by Michael himself. In his words once he had trained people to conduct dreaming rooms he would have accomplished his vision, spreading the word to the masses by others.  He did it!

The idea of Gerber’s E-Myth was that if you could develop a system and make it able to be replicated you would indeed have an enterprise (something bigger than a business). After 5 years he replicated the Dreaming Room. The first non-Gerber presented one was just finished in December in Columbia and was a spectacular success.

One person can make a difference!

In keeping with the new Dreaming Room, my partner, Vera Unwin and I are producing a series of Dreaming Rooms in Vancouver. Vera , the certified facilitator, will bring her own personality, with her Latin passion to this Vancouver inauguration, starting February 1, 2011 –www.dreamingroomvancouver.com for more information

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