I gave a 2 hour speech to a group of people age 45 + about entrepreneurism in New Westminster, a suburb of Vancouver, Friday morning. It was really neat to see people, many younger than me, embarking on a new quest; well mainly a new chapter in their lives.

The group were people not currently working and I was there to give them another option; that of being an entrepreneur. Many who know me know that I hate the term self employment because creating a job for yourself is kind of sad. Creating a business where you work on it not in it is exciting.

I think my presentation went over well. When I give my lectures I like to inspire people to consider taking a passion and making a business of it.

Friday afternoon I was asked to give a lecture on Doing Business in Canada to a group of immigrants who wanted to be self employed. These folks were a delight because I think the immigrant spirit is alive and well in Canada like the pioneers going to the Wild West in the 1800’s seeking to establish a business against incredible odds.

They were not a large group but very tuned in to learning about business in Canada, cultural differentiations and the regulations and how financing works in Canada. They absorbed the 2 hours like a sponge and their appreciation made me end my week on a high note.

I know some of these people were professionals in their own country and like a previous post I mentioned how many immigrants are underemployed. When a door closes a window opens. These folks were so enthusiastic they inspired me.

I’m finding these lectures are very satisfying, hey maybe there’s a career in this!

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  1. Your words, “their appreciation made me end my week on a high note” only comes from a job well done. I should know, having been a corporate consultant since 1984. Another bit of proof of the pudding come from your own words (again), “These folks were so enthusiastic they inspired me.” Congratulations!

  2. Thank you for the inspiring talk on Friday at SUCCESS. Tess and i learned a lot and once more, were inspired and pumped up to forge ahead on our plans. God bless you for all the good work that you do!

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