Remember-to-be-happyMuch has been spoken about how to make money, how to find customers, how to make conversions on marketing material or how to manage your business effectively. Does anyone actually advise small business owners on how to deal with the running of a business on a personal level?

I see people making milestones of business success in terms of money. I’m wondering if we can itemize some aspects of our business life that business people can be happy while doing what they love to do.

  1. Practise time management
    If you work 10 hours a day because you can never ‘find the time’ to do a consistently adequate job of operating your company setup a system of time management and/or hire more people to help
  2. How much money do you really need to earn?
    Is pure materialism the absolute goal for your business life or can you live a more meaningful and fulfilled life by slowing down that driving urge to have all the toys? In my life I am totally enjoying having time for myself without having tons of employees, a huge office and people demanding my time. I can allocate time to those things I enjoy and still make the same money.
  3. Love what you do
    Every business I ever started was a lifestyle choice or something I loved or was passionate about otherwise why do it. I tell my wife I have a business vocation (professional mentoring) and I have an avocation (my social media). I guess I have convinced myself somewhere along the way that instead of working 20 hours a day I’d work 4-6 hours a day at my business and a few hours having fun at my ‘hobby’ – social media. Hey if you have to trick your brain so be it!
  4. Keep the people in your life who are important to you happy
    Ha, does that even need to be said? Of course; how many businesses were made in the ruination of families and relationships? Don’t allow yourself to be controlled by those emotions which will take you out, alienate your family, lose your closest friends and cause you to end up divorced. Ask any wealthy person who made their fortunes that way and they will have regrets.
  5. Be Honourable
    Duh, well who starts out to be a sneaky conniving fraudster. The answer is that no one but if you run your business ethically, have an abiding concern for your clients/customers and run your business with honour and respect others will see it, people will come to you and your business will eventually thrive.
  6. Keep learning while you run your company
    From experience I can tell you that if you are in a state of constantly finding answers, learning all that there is to know about your business and searching for new alternatives to old problems you will never burn out. I find education fun and have spent over 15 years in post secondary education – I have a need to learn and it keeps my game sharp.
  7. Take care of your health
    If you lose your health running your business you have nothing. Guys who constantly move the ‘cocktail hour’ closer to noon than after work, the guys who eat fast food to ‘save time’ and don’t exercise because they don’t have the discipline are creating a problem that will blow up in their faces.

All I’m saying is run your business like it is your child, face problems immediately, take care of relationships and make sure you are going to be around to see your kids go to college.

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