April 2009, 6000 new businesses started in British Columbia, 35,000 in Canada. (http://www.financialpost.com/story.html?id=1576582).

Hard to believe but it also changed the face of the unemployment figures for the month and the first time in several months where this figure has not increased.

Why? Well the unemployment figures represent people unemployed looking for employment if you start a new business you are taken off the stats of the unemployed. Some consider Self Employment the last resort if you are out of work.

I think of it as the opportunity of your lifetime!

Yes Entrepreneurs, wear this label with pride! Since you have decided to take the risk to be your own boss; the opportunity to decide your own destiny; to take control of your time and those around you and the chance to make a difference in your life you now need to get serious about planning your busienss and asking those around you for advice.

Now that you have decided ot be your own boss, I’d suggest you get a piece of paper and go talk to 3 entrepreneurs that you know. Ask them the following questions then call me up and I’ll tell you the answers. They will be the same!

  1. What was the biggest challenge in starting up their business?
    1. Finance
    2. Having systems in place
    3. Wish I had sourced my suppliers
  2. What type of problems did they encounter that they hadn’t anticipated?
    1. The time required
    2. Wish I had more money
    3. Determining my pricing
  3. What kind of support did they wish they had when they were starting out?
    1. A mentor or someone to run things by
    2. An accountant
    3. A good bank
  4. When did they feel they were ‘over the hump’?
    1. Never
    2. When I made my first sale
    3. When I made a profit
  5. Did their vision of the business change at all over the course of the first year?
    1. Made a lot of changes
    2. What vision?
    3. Didn’t anticipate a lot of things
  6. What would they do differently if they could do it over?
    1. Write a business plan
    2. Have more money available
    3. Have a partner

I want you to take this little questionnaire seriously and find some people who are walking the walk. If you don’t personally know entrepreneurs go to a small store and ask for the owner. Entrepreneurs are usually more than happy to offer some help to struggling start-up business person. It may take only a few minutes over a coffee and doesn’t have to be a formal meeting. Most people are attentive and appreciate being asked questions about how they succeeded. I think the questions may be insightful!

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