In business one must always consider the big picture. Sure you can sit in your home office and dream or plan your way to a successful business. You can create the best product, come up with the best service or have created the ultimate mousetrap but if you don’t think big enough you won’t get out of the starting gate.

Harris Kern painted a vivid ‘big picture’ scenario in relation to business with the story of 3 bricklayers working on a scaffold. One said he was making a living, the second said he was making a wall and the third, god love him, said he was building a cathedral.

Would you rather be making a wage in your home business being ‘self employed” (gee I hate that term) or creating a dream?

So many entrepreneurs I meet are looking for the next ‘job’ or contract instead of looking at the big picture.

I had a client who flew to China to see if she could get the rights to a great beer made in China for sale in Canada. She took a friend with her and introduced him as her Vice President and asked for the North American rights to the distribution of the Chinese beer company’s entire product line. She was up to her elbows in debt, unsure of the potential of the product and certainly was full of doubt as to her capabilities.

She asked for the world and got Canada as her territory (with Mexico thrown in if she wanted it). She looked at the country and made a plan to go after the whole thing.

Five years to the month she had taken her little business across the country and was in 7 out of ten provinces in Canada.

She had looked at the big picture and made her vision real.

With the New Year, a dynamic new year especially in Canada with the 2010 Olympics beginning in February this is your chance, my chance to think of the big picture and make 2010 the most successful year you’ve ever had.


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