HN-MID18[300]I sometimes Tweet about controversial topics which brings many responses. I love the engagement process and relish the 140 character chat. When I am criticized, threatened and vilified by a person on Twitter I immediately look at their Twitter ‘handle’. Of course it is anonymous, it’s usually a goofy irreverent name allowing the person to hide behind. Do you think they would be so quick to criticism and threaten me if it was between Gary and let’s call him Bob? Unlikely!

I’m reminded of the time, one of many, a guy gave me the finger and drove off only to be side by side to each other at the next stop light. It’s funny how the aggression subsides when that guy with the finger is faced with a real person. No facial contact, no acknowledgement because now he can see the ‘car’ is really a vehicle driven by a real person, me. It’s now down to a person not a vehicle and it’s uneasy and embarrassing to confront a real person.

I love social media and am good at it. I’m fascinated by the profiles of my Twitter followers and spend a lot of time checking people out. I wonder what makes these anonymous people tick, what makes them spew loathsome comments? Are they looking to get reactions, are they in pain, are they morons? Lol, maybe all of the above.

People certainly don’t get any respect from me for their opinions if they clothe their remarks in anonymity. I don’t engage these people from an angry perspective. I try to find some point of agreement with them but usually this makes them escalate into more vitriol. Thats when I block them lol.

The wonderful nature of social media especially Twitter, is the immediacy of it, the global aspect of interacting with people everywhere and the engagement I get from having short, well thought-out commentaries with like minded individuals.

Quid Pro Quo and Engage, engage and engage!


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  1. Clearly his Twitter strategy is working for him, and he may have reasons for wanting to brand “Unmarketing” instead of his name. Is @Mashable really Pete Cashmore, or is it Mashable , the online tech news site? We already know that @GuyKawasaki isn’t just Guy Kawasaki, it’s a network of people that share information for, essentially, the Guy Kawasaki brand.

    1. Thanks Kenneth
      I guess I put my opinion out there and stand by it so if someone ridicules me or offers racist remarks then hides behind a phoney name without accountability I’m pissed. Then he throws terrible stuff at me yikes

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