With the start of the New Year I thought I’d remind, myself more than others, what it is I do for a living.

I’m reminded of a friend who had a business card that essentially said he did everything including fixing the kitchen sink. The card said “wars fought, lions tamed, rebellions started, companies run”, etc.

Some time later  I setup my own business card which really looked very silly after I laid it out because it read like my friend’s ; corporations setup & managed, marketing campaigns developed & run, employees vetted, financing secured, IPO’s started, coaching attempted, consulting, confidence built, workshops created, problems identified, management corrected, companies franchised, locations found, etc.

I think the wonders of a business startup require a jack of all trades. I’ve been lucky to have worked with over 700 of them so far and am constantly amazed at the variety of businesses and problems encountered and the solutions we’ve been able to find.

That is not to say I can do all of those things. You see, I have professionals behind me who are experts and they have worked with me for many years. Instead of doing all this yourself and/or hiring many professionals look into a mentor.

Everyone needs a Mentor or whatever you call him.  Take his or her advice. Question it but don’t be headstrong and forge ahead on your own. The muddy waters of entrepreneurship are not only cloudy but fraught with hidden shoals, sandbars and whatever other metaphors you can come up with for the dangers facing business today.

At the start of a new year, I hope you take the time to work with a coach, consultant, business counselor to setup up some business (and personal) goals for the new year, take your business the next step or maybe give you direction if you are starting up a new venture.

I used to think that coaches and consultants were a drain on my resources rather than the asset they really are to a growing business.

Grow and Proper in 2011. This is your year!

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