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My wife is an IT Administrator for one of the largest businesses in Vancouver. She is a kewl nerd and knowledgeable in most things regarding internet/Microsoft, computers,  etc.  Imagine my surprise when she suggested we change all of our servers and home computers (10 of them at home) to the Linux operating system to replace Windows 7.

Linux is an Open Source operating system developed from the UNIX system (developed in 1969). It was developed by Linus Torvalds and is FREE as are all of its programs. Yes I said it FREE.  Many thousands of people all over the world have used their own resources and skills to develop programs that emulate existing Microsoft/Mac based programs that will work on this system.

Guess what? They have succeeded! It’s free, easy to use, has no antivirus software because it doesn’t need any and takes 15 minutes to install by a novice.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been pissed off by Microsoft for some time. Their systems are full of bugs, bloat your system so over time you need to reinstall your system, is always being hacked so you need antivirus software installed and they nickel and dime you every step of the way.

Linux developers have the best of all worlds. A free system, thousands of people working to improve it for others (paying it forward), a very efficient operating system that takes little memory resources  to run it , a system that cannot be attacked by viruses and it can run forever without rebooting (I had it in my office years ago and it ran for 3 years without a reboot).

I started the conversion with one of my HP laptops.  Scary for sure but after several hours I was using the new system with ease, opening my pics with the Photoshop Linux copy, using email with the Outlook copy and even using my movie database with the Linux program . It converts everything. I’m even doing my taxes on the Linux version of Quicken.

Business folks, this is your answer. Stop paying those Microsoft thieves for everything you need and switch to Linux. I now use Linux Mint the newest version and it’s great. I have my printers, scanner and all peripherals hooked up to it. The trick is if you have more than one computer  it might be a good idea to have one setup as you Windows machine just in case one of your programs are not compatible, otherwise blow away your Windows system way and join the revolution to Linux!

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  1. Good post Mr. Bizzo.
    While many of your points are very valid in regards to Linux, I would like to caution you in regards to the following: “a system that cannot be attacked by viruses”. Linux systems have been infected and also are vulnerable to other security threats. Albeit not as many as Microsoft or MAC, due to the way the UNIX/LINUX type of systems are designed. Your readers should be aware, that no matter what operating system you run, once you are connected to the internet or any other outside network without any protection, your chances of being breached are very likely. Always remember…. Look before you Leap!

  2. This site is amazing. I consistently come across something new & distinct appropriate right here. Appreciate learning about this alternative to Microsoft

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