A friend and colleague hired a web company to produce her website. Supposedly, a very reputable website developer. She was told it was $30,000. She didn’t know the back end from the frontend, the CRM from the DB. The Web guys did though but failed to tell her. Nice guys they took payments at about $10,000 a crack.

She runs short of money and asked them if the site can be put up without all the bells and whistles while she tries to come up with the $6000 balance so she can maybe get the website up and generate some revenue. But NO – they want all their money NOW. They’ll take a payment plan they say on the speaker phone, $3000 now and $3000 next Tuesday. Only Popeye’s Whimpy promised to pay for his hamburgers on Tuesday. That’s not a payment plan that is extortion.

They say they have it mainly all finished but ask her on the speakerphone for content cause they have none from her just ‘architecture’ (read – someone came up with some creative).

Now I’m a webmaster myself and I got on the speakerphone and asked them to put the website up without the backend stuff. This means she wouldn’t be able to have her database or her subscription base but she should have something to show for her $24,000 dollars

They take $30k for a job which should have cost $6,000 and they have nickel and dimed her every step of the way. They hold her hostage and what does she have to show for it – nothing.

If you hired a contractor to build you an extension to your house for $30,000 and ran out of money you would have a bedroom, a bathroom and a lot of finishing work but at least you would have something. The bedroom and bathroom wouldn’t be finished but you would be able to use the Loo. Where is the Mike Holmes of the Internet?

Webmasters/ developers whatever you want to call them take note- people are upset and they are not going to take this anymore!

ThinkProfits (http://www.thinkprofits.com) – you guys should change your name to MegaRipOff.com and all the goodwill you build up will not save you from a determined blogger who wants to set things right

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  1. Why do webmasters have to be such unethical characters? They have so much control and rely on the fact you don’t know what they are doing.
    Good work. You keep this up and you could be the Mike Holmes of the internet!!
    Make It Right!

  2. Interesting posting. I am well acquainted with Think Profits. You should check the BC Courts website (https://eservice.ag.gov.bc.ca/cso/index.do) a former employee claims he was fired after discovering Think Profits was using stolen software to build client sites – yikes. All their clients should be made aware of this lawsuit. If the claims are correct, there are a lot of sites out there built with cracked, possibly buggy software. The file number is 090454 and it can be read online.

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