gerardoI met with a former client, now turned close friend, Gerardo, today. Gerardo owns an office janitorial business, Techniclean Industries that he has been running for a few years. He does a great job doing office cleaning in vancouver and employs his family to run the business at night when the offices are closed.

One would think that would be enough for a young man with a family to accomplish since he arrived from his home in El Salvador, but wait a minute, he is an entrepreneur and a hard working one.

He gave me a new business card he just had printed at Printing Peach with the name of a laundry business cum eatery. On his day off, as if he has time to take one, he bought a small Surrey laundry that has as a bonus a small Spanish influenced lunch restaurant inside. Granted it’s small, has a limited menu and seating and is an odd choice of a combination but you have to give this entrepreneur credit; he is always on the lookout for an opportunity.

I knew about this opportunity before he told me he had bought it. He had asked me my opinion on the evaluation the owner had placed on it as a sales price. Ouch, it was way to high and I told him what the real evaluation was at about 35% of what she wanted. I was more than please when his offer at exactly my evaluation was accepted.

Just like the guys at Printing Peach or his fellow Surrey business Praise Carpet Care he was always looking for a good deal and knew one when he saw it.

It makes my heart open wide to those who work hard, overcome obstacles and still find opportunities when everyone is closing shop, locking up or laying off employees.

Do you need help getting to that next level, drop me a note or call 604-805-2025

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