During the winter months and even into the spring I admit I suffered from vacation envy, one friend was off to Sandals in the Caribbean, another to Mexico for 6 months but my wife and I survived the foot of snow, the near 0 degrees temperatures (yeah it’s tough in Vancouver) and hung out to summer, yeah!

I heard of Staycation last year and fell in love with it. Up to now we used to go camping, commune with nature, lol, go to Florida to my mom’s place or a little side trip here and there. The camping took a wrong turn when on our honeymoon 5 years ago next month we rented a nice 24 foot class C motorhome which had all the amenities. I mean you pull up to a campsite, pull out the toilet hose and plug in your ‘home’, Wahoo! Well our camping days quickly ended.

The Florida trip? Well we love to see my mom but my wife’s face doesn’t do well in superhot sun so we scaled that back, we’ll visit mom in August in Halifax where the heat is tolerable.
.Experts say it’s not uncommon for overscheduled families to choose a “staycation,” a term whose origin is often attributed to a popular Canadian television series, Corner Gas In 2006, a New York magazine further promoted the “staycation,” encouraging people to spend their vacation exploring what the city has to offer instead of leaving town.
A 2005 study found that up to one-third of employees who get paid vacation time don’t use it all. Many people said they would get too behind on the job if they took time off, while others cited not being able to afford to take a trip.
This brings me to our staycation. My sister-in-law, Carolyn, came to visit from Toronto last year for a week and we spent the whole week touring, but mainly sitting in our backyard. When she went home she called and said, “Can I book my vacation to your place forever, but next year can we just stay in the backyard”? Sounds like fun I thought.
Carolyn is coming next week and we have embraced the backyard Staycation. I had built a cute deck, have the stainless BBQ (grill to You Americans), and have 15 acres of forest behind our house and sun like crazy broken up by my Zhu Jiang Beer company umbrella.
We have Carolyn’s visit all planned out down to the last detail – NOT!
I’ll secure vittles like filet mignons and lots of seafood, lots of Coors Lite for Carolyn, Gin and tonics for Jo Ann and I and a cooler full of water with a little bleach to drop our feet into when the heat gets to us. I’ll make sure the BBQ is loaded with propane and the backyard is pleasant and presentable but there will be no work done that week. After all when you go away on vacation you don’t clean closets or do yardwork. Well, we may take the garbage out and the empties to recycling but as long as the sun shines we will sit morning to night in our backyard reminiscing, joking around, wondering what the poor people are up to and planning our future if that lotto ticket we will buy comes up our number.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to our staycation with my wonderful sister-in-law, (she’s bring me the best maple syrup) cause I’ll need the rest before our vacation to Halifax in August, Wahoo!

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