You’re a new Entrepreneur and you have gone to school, or not; have a business plan, or not: have money for your venture, or not. However, you have initiated your start-up.

You can have all your marketing research, business skills under your belt, money for your startup, maybe even a partner who provides synergy to your skills and talents. But there’s a problem. It’s nagging, stronger than anything you’ve ever experienced in your old employment scenario and it is, unfortunately, debilitating.  It is DOUBT!

So you get a meeting with the big boss for your pitch and the meeting goes really well. He is impressed with your company and now he wants a QUOTE – yikes!!

For years when I was a commercial photographer I had the fear that my quote was too high, not high enough, that I wasn’t good enough to play this game and so on. Having Doubt in your early business development is normal but one must get past the inactivity it creates.  It would make me sit on a quote out of fear (doubt) for several days sometimes to the point of losing the contract (and we are talking about many thousands of dollars) all because I was afraid to ask for the money.

The Solution?
-Get a Mentor or a Business Coach
-Find a Salesman to make the sales calls
-Find someone to Manage your business while you do the aspect of it that you fell in  love with in the first place
Respond in a way you are more comfortable with, email, face to face, telephone

Remember, if he asks you for a quote he needs you as much as you need his business

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