I’ve had a business website since 1993 yet today I struggle with the idea that I need to upgrade my tired old website to a Web. 2.0 blog.  I’d say most businesses are switching their corporate website to more of a social networking site utilizing a blog format. WordPress (the number 1 blog open source software) seems to be the choice for most or typical social media software. Fortune Magazine says that 16% of the Fortune 500 has a corporate blog.  I’m surprised the number is not higher. I think Vancouver is on the leading edge of this trend as I know a great many large companies (BuildDirect)not only blog but use twitter as an Engagement marketing tool

Social Networking has increased exponentially particularly on Twitter. In a recent survey among my clients 4 in 10 had twitter accounts. This is significant from a year ago when none had accounts including myself.

MySpace appeals to a young demographic. It has become a great marketing site for musicians and artists. It’s mainly a source of video content. Music videos and ads tend to go viral like YouTube.

YouTube tends to be a topic oriented website versus a network oriented one. Businesses are very visible on the web and ads are very apropos and expected on here. I like the fact you can see your favourite music video or find an instruction video  on how to play lead guitar or pickle beets.

Facebook reminds me of the grad book in my old high school. It brings old friends together; existing friends become tighter and invites new friends to join a close knit network. There are lots of applications to make Facebook an all encompassing experience. Facebook appeals to an older demographic meaning 35-60 yrs.  Facebook tends to be highly personal if one is inclined that way but most shy away from giving out too much information. I like to use mine for business without a lot of really personal information (See my Facebook)

LinkedIn.com is a career and business oriented social networking site. It’s very much like Facebook in that it gathers like-minded individuals but it differs in that its focus is on business, career and networking. I secured a major client (a foreign government) from my profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a source of fodder for Recruiters and HeadHunters seeking the new CEO of that new media corporation. LinkedIn is strongly targeted to business versus a friend-type database.

Twitter.com I enjoy my Twitter because it is so dynamic. You get spontaneous ‘tweets’ about silliness and tweets about profundities. It’s fun; filled full of ads like the old days on websites, innovative, did I say fun and since the tweets must be so short at 140 characters,  you learn to be very frugal in your writing style. The marketing aspect is huge.  As you gain ‘followers’ you then become eligible for pay per  tweet status and might even make some money doing what is fun.

Meetup.com. According to Wikipedia Meetup.com (also called Meetup) is an online social networking portal that facilitates offline group meetings in various localities around the world. Meetup allows members to find and join groups unified by a common interest, such as politics, books, games, movies, health, pets, careers or hobbies. This phenomenon is incredible for linking up like-minded people in any number of locales for personal or business.

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