MP Guarnieri initially wanted to limit the salaries of the CEOs of Charities in Canada. She also felt that charities needed to be transparent just like the great charities in the US.

MP Albina Guarnieri is a committed Member of Parliament who has been working for Mississauga East-Cooksville for at least two decades. She is the sponsor of this private member’s bill.

MP Guarnieri spoke before the 49th meeting of the Standing Committee on Finance re: her Bill C-470. These are her words:

I met with countless charities and with even more donors, and started asking why transparency could be so frightening to so many. The small amount of transparency my bill seeks is the disclosure of the names, titles, and salaries of just the five highest-paid employees. Charities would still report ranges of the top 10 as they do now. But the top five would be fully disclosed.

A second prong of my bill adds to the minister’s long list of rarely or never-used powers to actually regulate charities. It would allow the minister the discretionary ability to de-register a charity if it pays an executive more than a quarter-million dollars in a year. While lately the media are full of reports of abuses by charities, I should say at the outset that there are many excellent charities in this country.”

It seems, to me, that if a Canadian charity wants to instil confidence and trust in a donor they should be transparent in their policies, procedures and financial practices.

This isn’t a corporation after all it’s supposed to be charity (definition, a: generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering; also: aid given to those in need).

If the cost of delivery is effectively taking away money that could really benefit a large number of people in need, should you pay the people who deliver it a lot of money or put it back into the community you are serving?

I’m off to Ottawa on Dec 6th to tell the Committee what you and I think about this Bill.

Let me know!

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