My Friend Nick Noorani,, announced he has left the Toronto Star’s Canadian Immigrant Magazine.

He’s the first to tell you it was time to go and it was good for both sides.

Nick was the Founder and Publisher of The Canadian Immigrant Magazine and author of the best seller Arrival Survival Canada. He’s been a sought after speaker, writer and media personality from CTV’s Canada AM to the CBC’s The National. He won the 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his ‘new’ venture The Canadian Immigrant Magazine which he started in a tiny office on Commercial Drive in Vancouver’s east side. Going national was a logical and needed direction.

I admire Nick because he became the voice of diversity, the motivator of immigrants, a passionate advocate and an inspirational speaker. When I have my regular lunch with Nick he inspires me to go outside my safety level, reminds me that there is a lot to do to make all Canadian equal and tells me Canada is a land of opportunity for all immigrants.

I was going to say Nick is an outspoken member of several associations but he speaks from his heart and although he is gregarious he is right (not always politically correct), honest and a man of his word. He loves his new country Canada and is a volunteer to so many community organizations he makes the rest of us wonder why we are not more involved.

Nick sold his magazine for national distribution to the Toronto Star and remained as the Publisher. Today he announced he is on to greener pastures. I know he has something up his sleeve because he is the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.

Good luck my friend. I admire you!


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