mailboxCanada Post announces Home Delivery stops, doubles the price of stamps and will cut 8000 jobs. The company needs to save a billion dollars a year.

It’s a crown corporation meaning its financed by the government but run independently. But it is a company after all and when a company is bleeding profit at the rate of $1billion a year, you fix it or close it.

Gone are the days when Canada’s Postal service was relevant. My uncle was a popular Post Master (the big cheese) of a large East Coast city and his son went on to become a major Union Leader in the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). Irony!

I get my bills by email and pay them online through my bank. I bill my clients by email and collect the money online via bank transfer directly into my account or PayPal.

My friends and I connect by email, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. My mom, who used to send me nice letters, uses her laptop to Skype me or sends regular emails to me and my siblings, killing many birds with one stone. She is 84 years old.

I don’t send flyers via postal routes cause they were always ineffective and expensive. I use Facebook and inbound marketing techniques.

Parcels? I use UPS, I don’t know why I use them except maybe it’s because they always deliver my books to customers on time and within 2 days. Do that Canada Post!

I listened to a local radio show today talking about this and the issues were alienation and inconvenience. The age of most complainers were people in their 70’s who aren’t ‘connected’ like some of us older folks. There are alternatives to daily home delivery but it seems silly that people wait on bated breathe for their mail.

Door to door cuts will affect small business people working from home, seniors who can’t get out but they are saying the solution is to have central neighbourhood community mailboxes. Many seniors live in apartments or condos which have communal post boes in their lobbies already.

My opinion? All I ever get is junk mail (advertising I don’t want or asked for). Entrepreneurs will find a solution or create one to overcome the problem. People will adapt.

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  1. Chalk up more jobs lost to the Net. The times they are-a-changin’ … again! All I can say to all those boomers boomers who are behind the curve is … “You better keep swimming or you’ll sink like a stone”

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