dreamsI recently had a possible client tell me that he wanted to open a business that had a variety of goals; to cure ignorance by education, give the youth a world class education, teach the world a skill, hire only the best professionals in a variety of disciplines and generate a lot of money. He also wanted to donate 10% of his gross profits to his favourite charity. Hmmm.

My first thought was to write the guy off and show him my elegant French doors to my garden. Then I thought about it. The guy has a passion for what he wanted to do and that has always been what I seek in entrepreneurs so maybe I should take a second look and help him.

I told him to take the easiest portion of the business to implement as well as the one he was most passionate about, start very small and work up. You may find that doing one thing slowly but very well is better than throwing it all against the wall hoping all will stick, it doesn’t happen. It’s also easier to enlist others in your dream if you start small with a plan.

The other thing about altruism is you should make money for yourself and your family before you can give it away to others. Your altruistic endeavours will be much more successful if you’re successful first.

The result? I took him on as a client – hey, we all need a dream.

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  1. Absolutely, MARVELOUS!!!!! You are there Gary. So proud to know you!

    Just a suggestion, move the camera away from the sun and why not shoot this from your car as you leaving it (for look) to go to a meeting. The locks on the door could be avoided.

    You are the reason I love my job!!!

    Take care.

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