How Can You Differentiate Yourself From the Competition

  1. How good are you on a scale of 1-10?
  2. How good are you compared to the competition?
  3. How good does the market think you are?
  4. How good do the customers think you are?
  5. How good do you rate your own sales ability?
  6. How well do you speak?
  7. How well do you transfer your message?
  8. How well do you bring new ideas to the customer?
  9. How well do you close the deal?
  10. How well do you follow up?
  11. How well do you differentiate yourself?
  12. How well do you create relationships?
  13. How well do deliver value?
  14. How well do you help your customers profit from the use of your product or service?
  15. How well do you build your own self-development knowledge?

Going deeper:

How good are you compared to your competition?
How often do you win when you go up against them? The competition isn’t just the enemy they are an indicator.

How good does the market think you are?
What is their impression of you as a person? Do they even know you exist? What impact have you had on the market? What’s the big picture of you in the market? For you to be able to sell people must know who you are.

How good do your customers think you are?

This is your ‘brand’, your reputation, your success, your next sale and your referral.

Insight: Figure out why you haven’t reached 10

Hindsight: Self-discovery will reveal why, but you must be honest with yourself

Foresight: Once you know the last 2 grab your bootstraps and make a plan to get ahead. Your personal brand is the most important thing you have. Sales people have a million reasons for bad sales but if you ‘brand’ yourself properly you will have no excuses.

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