Our Equifaira Celebration Event

My Partners and I had fun at our celebration event last week. What do we mean by a ‘celebration’? We presented our existing investors with a 7.2% annualized distribution for the 4th quarter of 2016  (seems like a good thing to celebrate to me). The many investors who believed in Equifaira and our world class clients […]

Visual Hacking is a Problem

I was sitting at the airport the other day working on a strategic plan for a capital raise for one of our companies. I guess it wasn’t strictly a top-secret document but while I was working I felt the hairs on my neck go up with the feeling someone was watching me. I know I […]

Local versus Outsourced Digital Marketing

There is a trend happening in business that on the surface seems very logical and cost effective. It’s not new but suddenly people believe it is the answer to all their marketing, production and creative business needs – it’s offshore outsourcing.   I’ve used offshore creative ‘agencies’ to do work for me. The work is always […]

Small Business in BC

All businesses start off as a small business. Call them startups or whatever but the commonality is based on size. In Canada, a small business is one with less than 50 employees. Now, for the entrepreneurs that I know having 50 employees would make the ma huge company but definitions are a way to pigeon […]

The Difference Between A Logo & Branding

Guest Blogger – Josh Krajina, Founder/Creative Director, Curfew Curfew is a full-service Creative Design Agency in Vancouver Businesses struggle to distinguish between a logo and branding. This can sometimes be the source of why your business sputters instead of sizzles. The difference between a logo and branding is simple yet difficult to understand since they are […]

Social Media – the New Singularity?

I remember getting into social media in 1993, specifically as a web developer in a brand new industry called the World Wide Web. Sales for the year 1993 on the Internet were estimated ‘conservatively’ to be about $2Million. I heard, last year, that Alibaba did $2Billion in sales in one weekend. Wow! Talk about scalability. […]