How to Make Better Decisions as an Entrepreneur

Guest Blogger: Ahmed Aibak Good dесiѕiоn making invites lоt оf thinking which is the ultimate human rеѕоurсе but the challenge with thinking is that it can produce соnfuѕiоn. We trу tо do tоо much аt оnсе. Emotions, information, logic, hоре аnd creativity аll сrоwd in on us; it iѕ likе juggling with too mаnу bаllѕ […]

Private Equity Financing for Startups

  Let’s say a new startup has a great idea, has done good primary and secondary research, put some money in the business – essentially they have put a lot of effort and thought into the business idea already. They may or may not be at the point where they are bringing in revenue but […]

A Case Study – Twitter Influencer Campaign

A Vancouver retailer and national distributor of the top rated brand of pianos in the world, Fazioli, approached me with a simple question – could I get his best quality brand piano exposure to a certain market? Not precisely sales but simply exposure.   A bit different than working with my other two large clients, […]

John Adorney – Music for the Soul

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly recognized the song on the radio, of course. But do you instantly recognize the composer based on the style of the music? I’m always asking my wife who the artist is on her playlist as we’re listening to it at home until I hear the melodic […]

Our Equifaira Celebration Event

My Partners and I had fun at our celebration event last week. What do we mean by a ‘celebration’? We presented our existing investors with a 7.2% annualized distribution for the 4th quarter of 2016  (seems like a good thing to celebrate to me). The many investors who believed in Equifaira and our world class clients […]