I run across new ventures daily, some more interesting than others. I’ve put a collection of companies that have painstakingly built their companies, apps or products and are looking for money, mentors or opportunities. Take a look!
(Disclaimer: I may be involved as Director, Management and/or Investor in some of these companies)

If you wish more information contact the companies direct through their website or me


  • Openbroadcaster – Ever wanted to own & run a radio station? OpenBroadcaster is the world’s first, and only open source Media Asset Management system on the market for scheduling  & streaming with a combination of audio, images and video. What once cost hundreds of thousands of dollars using analog equipment can now be done for hundreds of dollars using our open source protocols, simple network hardware, and regular network cabling to supply an existing multi-billion dollar a year global market for accessible broadcast interoperability, not including streaming services. (Requires Capital – expansion)


  • Greanwold – Greanwold’s World is a new player in the worldwide, children’s entertainment  market. Beginning with an interactive website, downloadable video games, “apps”, contests, E-commerce and much more, management’s goal is to brand Greanwold as the must have children’s product of the 21st century. (Requires Capital – development)


  • ParcelPal Technology Inc. (CSE: PKG) -Public – ParcelPal is an on-demand delivery service starting in Vancouver that makes sending packages easy. Our software instantly connects you with all local couriers in your area. (Requires – Couriers/Capital in public shares)


  • Curiate TV – Cross Platform Measurement System – Curiate determines what viewers find most interesting about a TV show by analyzing the things they ask about, search for, and engage with – regardless of platform. This includes linear TV, time-shifted TV, and over-the-top and downloaded video. The platform aggregates the best content to satisfy viewer curiosity. The magazine-style interface creates opportunities for sponsored content in the form of articles, videos, and image carousels. (Required – Capital – development)