45view Lg Group webDo you feel overwhelmed with your business? Do you stay awake at night thinking of ways to increase sales? Do you feel there’s too little time in the day to do everything you need done? If you want someone to bounce ideas off, You need a Mentor.

We’re not going to talk to you like the millions of self-proclaimed coaches out there. We won’t ask leading questions to help you understand yourself; we will give you advice – pure and simple! Where coaches give you insight into how to make changes we will give you rock solid advice from years of business experience.

Wouldn’t it be better if someone else negotiated that new office lease, hired the new employee, helped you design the new website or advised you on a social media strategy.

We can provide services from mentoring, strategic management, marketing supportSpeaking on Mentorship at Canadian Council for Small Business & Entrepreneurship and business plan development. This can be accomplished as an ongoing consulting/mentoring role or as a specific situation  that needs immediate help.

Some clients engage us to help with determining business locations or helping them set-up corporations; others need us to develop complex social media strategies, inbound marketing or simple concepts like selecting a business name and identity.

We have a common-sense approach to management and believe that all business should be able to access the necessary resources to make your business successful.

70% of business owners who use Mentors will survive in business twice as long as those who don’t.

Do You Want Your Business to Die because You Were Afraid to Ask for Help? Let Experience Speak for Itself! Call Us 604-805-2025

Starting at $300 CDN ($225 US) per hour – Packages Available