One of my clients, had an NSF the other day at Scotia Bank by no fault of her own (seriously- a customer’s cheque bounced on her). I know people are letting things go a little over the edge, waiting till the last minute before paying bills or maybe dipping a little too deep into their accounts. It’s like letting your car get too low on gas I guess, your car will stop running because its empty and the damn bank will ding you $40, it’s a tow charge for the out of gas car.

These guys at Scotia Bank have got some nerve, charging this poor girl $40 for a NSF bank charge, I’m surprised they didn’t charge her for going into her non-existent overdraft or interest on the $3 over her account.

With record first quarter profits -still- and the economy in the tank, these guys continue to rip us off; don’t get me started… I am moving the few accounts I have at Scotiabank and moving them to my new Fav financial institution where I have a couple of accounts – Vancity. I am through with the banks, they don’t support entrepreneurs, small business, young people, support causes with money but nothing else, they are almost like TELUS ; don’t get me started

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