I manage 120 business startup entrepreneurs a year. We provide training in a number of areas over an 8 week period. One of the most important aspects of training is, of course, financial management.

We have used QuickBooks made by Intuit, for the last 5 years as financial training software. It’s been really great. We used it to replace an aging and less popular Simply Accounting; sorry guys but you don’t cut it anymore.

QuickBooks has been gracious for the last 4 years providing me with around 70 disks of the latest QuickBooks Software for use by my student entrepreneurs. They learn the program taught by a CGA, take the time sensitive (1 yr) software home to practice and then actually use it in their new startup businesses.  When the time sensitive program software eventually runs out they must upgrade to the newest QuickBooks that they have come to love and respect. Let’s not forget the other important program QuickTax. They do this instinctively.  We trained them that way. Of course.

Well… Imagine my shock, anger and chagrin when the good folks at QuickBooks told me that my educational status did not qualify anymore because my students were really businesses using their free educational software. Ahghgh! I say, are you nutz?  A supervisor quickly called in readily agreed.

As business people, most of you may say, ahh a built in market, kewl, create a new client for peanuts and then when the product dies leaving them with a database of business information that is useless without access you HAVE to BUY the software or start over again. Have any of you tried to input a year’s financials again?

Ask any software business what the cost of acquisition of a new client is, or better yet ask any business what the acquisition cost for a new client. Every time I tell TELUS I’m leaving they are reminded of my hundreds a month I pay and the cost to find a guy like me and they end up giving me freebies.

QuickBooks you not only lost a customer you lost hundreds over the next 5 years.

I wonder if Simply Accounting will forgive me. Please?

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