Bloomberg Businessweek said, Women business owners are frequently cited as one of the fastest growing segments in entrepreneurship. Why do you think that may be true?

Woman ask for help, have different values than men, and may be less prone to taking risk. Women are more educated than in the past and based on business success as employees have more confidence too when they open their own business.

According to the Center for Women’s Business Research, between 1997 and 2004, privately held, woman-owned businesses grew at three times the rate of all U.S. privately held firms, and woman-owned businesses created jobs at twice the rate of all other firms. Furthermore, women did all of this with less than 1% of the venture capital that’s invested in small businesses.

Women tend to be value driven, men go for the bucks – Not to create sexist stereotypes about men and women here folks – men love machinery, women give birth. I know a lot of male entrepreneurs who are value-driven and female ones who are money-driven, suggesting there aren’t great differences.

CNN reminded me the other day (Mothers Day) about the top women, in this case also mothers, who shaped the world with their successful businesses.

Gerber Dorothy Gerber figured there had to be a better way to make baby food and her husband agreed. Most of you have been nurtured by her decision.

Mrs. Fields A 20 year old woman developed a cookie business for mass production and is now in thousands of malls in the US – Was conceived over a Starbucks non-fat latte in December 2004, when two former university roommates, Sarah and Minnow, met and decided mom’s needed practical solutions to stay at home moms.

Mary Kay Ash Said  You can’t keep determined people from success” .What can you say about a woman who took a good product and created entrepreneurs from countless other women making women completely independent of the first time in their lives

Estee Lauder– famous cosmetologist said If you don’t sell, it’s not the product that’s wrong it’s you

Oprah Winfrey What can you say about the billionaire media mogul

Ariana Huffington She is perhaps one of the most successful female Internet entrepreneurs ever and is the founder of the top blog in the world according to Technorati!

Baby Einstein – When mom Julie Aigner-Clark went looking for educational materials for her newborn daughter in 1996, she couldn’t find educational items that helped her child so she started a highly successful business

When everything is said and done, given equal opportunities, women will rise to any mans achievement. I’ve known and worked with so many more women entrepreneurs it always begs the question Are they better?


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