Business and sports. What do they have in common?

Business is all about money and companies, employees and responsibility, guys in suits and professionals in the form of accountants and lawyers. It’s about deadlines and customer service, challenges and obligations. We’re not talking the business that marches along doing what is necessary to make money but not exceeding the norm. I’m talking about the ones you see in the news (in a good light), community involved and one of those businesses that are listed in the Best Places to Work lists.

Vancouver is home to the Olympic Games of 2010 and there is winners and losers – but is there.

I was watching the Snowboard Cross competition, not even an Olympic sport until recently. The guys waiting for the starting gun looked like the boys next door with their unkempt hair tucked under their toques. When I was a skier we looked on these guys like crazies. As they waited for the gun in their blue jean style bottoms they looked like they were waiting for a beer instead of making a run for a Gold medal in the Olympics.   By the way, one of the four young men, Alex Bilodeau, was the first Canadian to earn a Gold medal on Canadian soil – ever.

Yet there was a comparison to be made between the two, business and sports.

The Olympics are about Achievement.

Allusive to most for sure but the fact those Snowboarders got to the Olympics is an achievement that needs, no, demands recognition. In the entire world four young men raced to the bottom of a hill fighting for the Gold medal. I am awestruck to be reminded that these young men worked for four years between Olympics to try for the Gold again. Four years of training, international competitions, fear, doubt, hurt and emotions for a minute of intense action.

The best businesses are successful because, like our four young men, they have achieved a high standard of excellence reserved for the elite.

Sports and Business elite, they have everything in common!

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