2m  I got followed by he is the Canadian version of Michael Gerber?

“Gary, Thank you. For your tireless dedication in fueling entrepreneurial success and providing expert advice, support and encouragement to help launch the careers and businesses of Futurpreneurs in your community, my colleagues and I at Futurepreneur Canada (formerly the Canadian Youth Business Foundation) thank you very much”. – Julia Deans, CEO, Futurpreneur 


Wow what a great book Gary! Tons of valuable tips and ideas from the start to the end. I have to go back and make lots of notes for myself and create a cheat sheet:) Your tips in the book opens the mind to lots of new opportunities and I found it very inspiring. I was so glad when I found the part you explained about the Art of War book. I heard about it before from you in your information session at SUCCESS and was thinking I wish I knew the tips in the book:) Your blog and your book are in my favorite list now to check regularly:) Thanks a lot for sharing all these great info. I’m so looking forward for BizPak Two , three, … as well;-)
By the way, I really like your writing style:) It feels you are right there in front of the readers and talking to them. I hope you write more;-)” – Azadeh Nobakht, Power Strata Systems Corp,


“Gary Bizzo ( The Biz )…was one of my early mentors in the use of Social Media specifically Twitter. It really helped me in getting a following mentioning me often. Will always appreciate it.”- George Moen, Founder, Rapid Time Networks, (View George’s profile)


“Gary Bizzo and I have had the opportunity to work together on a number of projects in the past. HIs level of commitment to the endeavor always exceeded expectations. Gary distinctly was one to push through any challenges and maintain focus through to completion. Creative and “out of the box” thinking is one of his hallmark traits. A true possibilities thinker! Anyone who is looking for big picture, strategic thinking advice would do well to contact Gary Bizzo.” August 17, 2009 – Bev Benwick , CEO, Sr. Executive Coach & Confidante, R.W. Benwick Associates Ltd.


Congratulations.  Thanks for helping all these people in accessing credit and make them becoming a more productive member of the society.” for work done as Chairman, Canadian Youth Business Foundation (Vancouver), April 5, 2010 – Tung Chan, CEO, SUCCESS


“Thanks be to you first for the unparalleled leadership you have demonstrated and the freedom you have empowered us staff, coaches and instructors to do our small parts in the assistance of the participants businesses.  Micro-managers should learn an eye-opening lesson from you as how to manage professionals.  Kowtow to the real master!”,  – Philip Ho, Professor of Business, Kwantlen University

“Mr. Biz as I refer to him, Gary is a very well connected individual that you want to have on your side. Gary is full of resources (both online and offline) and knowledge. His responsibilities with SUCCESS are large and yet he always has time to help. Call me anytime if you have further questions”,  Sept, 2010, Owen Clark, President,

“Gary Bizzo is a delightful business colleague who strives to help entrepreneurs succeed. He is extremely well networked and uses social media very effectively. My clients and business friends enjoy Gary for his attentiveness, thoughtfulness, and wisdom. If you work with Gary, you’ve got a good guy on your side!”  , Doug (DA) Anderson, President, DA Top Talent

“I have worked with Gary Bizzo for several years now as one of his facilitators. Gary has impacted the lives of hundreds of small business owners with business fundamentals and strategic partnerships and alliances that help business grow. I recommend him for the business owner ready to grow.”  – Harmony Thiessen, CEO,  HG Business Consulting


“Gary is a well connected man with good experience in marketing, budgeting and managing opportunities, new proposals and staff to their optimum. I often see his projects under budget and on time. His unique and creative approach to issues and opportunities is refreshing and appreciated.” September 28, 2008

Robert Johnson , Owner , AAA Photography Inc.


“Mr. Biz as I refer to him, Gary is a very well connected individual that you want to have on your side. Gary is full of resources (both online and offline) and knowledge. His responsibilities with SUCCESS are large and yet he always has time to help” Owen Clark, CEO,




Gary helped me define my business, helped me focus my timelines and gave me the confidence to take my business from a one man enterprise to a corporation- his coaching gave me the knowledge to put it all together – he changed my life!” Gerardo Lopez, CEO, Delacruz Janitorial

“Gary is a team player who is heartfuly concerned with all people he comes in contact with. He is clear on his direction and very easy to get along with.” September 30, 2008 Susan Chepelsky , Owner , Sue Studios Holistic Web Design


“I have known Gary for a several years now, and have found him to be an exceptionally bright, talented and entrepreneurial person. Gary can be counted on as a business associate and friend. It has been a pleasure to work with him.” September 24, 2008
Fay W , China Trade and Investment Advisor , SUCCESS Business and Economic Development


Many thanks for a very informative presentation on Doing Business in Canada. I appreciate your patience with the questions put forth by the participants. As a service provider I am now well equipped to serve my clients who are looking for information on starting a business. On a personal level, not only have I learned the contents of the workshop but also picked up pointers on conducting one. Your informal style kept everyone attentive and involved during the workshop. I will be looking forward to more workshops with you in future.” November 20, 2009
Humaira Imtiaz,  Settlement Program Officer, Immigration


Thank you for the inspiring talk on Friday at SUCCESS. Tess and I learned a lot and once more, were inspired and pumped up to forge ahead on our plans.  God bless you for all the good work that you do!”  November 20, 2009
Marilou and Tess, Entrepreneurs



I was very fortunate to be a student of Gary’s Entrepreneurs Success Program. I found him to be very creative, supportive and knowledgeable. He provided a comprehensive base of information which has been priceless. He has his finger on the pulse of business and was able to guide me to achieve solid success.” December 28, 2009
Christine Byrne, CEO, Asthma Care Canada Inc.


@GaryBizzo That was an excellent lecture on social media management, learned a lot from it. Thank you! and I joined Twitter right after it. ha~”, March 25, 2010 – SunnySun86, Lecture on ‘Doing Business in Canada’, Burnaby Public Library


I’d like to thank you again for your assistance in Gateway To Asia project for Arizona State University.Gary you are always so resourceful, and so reliable when I and my team need help. My sincere thanks again on behalf of GTA! August 9,2010 – Adelin Yang, Gateway To Asia


Thank you for a very informative presentation to the East Indian Community last week. It is always a pleasure to meet with you. I learn something new every time I have this workshop. The participants have given you full marks in the survey form for your profound knowledge of the topic.” September 22, 2010 Humaira Imtiaz,  Settlement Program Officer, Immigration

“@GBizzo Thank you Gary for the recommendation!” @MichaelEGerber

@SharifKhanBooks “Star: Business Mentor @GaryBizzo One of the brightest #business talents I’ve had the good fortune of connecting with on Twitter” – Sharif Khan, Author -The Hero Soul’, Toronto , July 8, 2011

@carsonmckee @GaryBizzo “Very active and engaging business mentor (with a good sense of humor!)” – Carson McKee, Digital Strategist, Vancouver, July 8, 2011

Gary C. Bizzo puts the #BIZ in #BUSINESS! Wherever @GaryBizzo goes he C’s biz ops. Visit his biz blog TAKING CARE OF BIZ! – @SharifKhanBooks Sharif Khan


“When I was setting up Power Production Corp I went thru my extensive list of business contacts, that I’d made over the past 40 years. I decided that Gary Bizzo would be the best choice for my Chief Operating Officer. I’ve known Gary for almost 20 years and have been involved with him on a few projects in the past. I believe that Gary has one of the finest business minds that I’ve dealt with and is excellent at problem solving and negotiation. I’ve watched him help many people succeed with their businesses and he’d be an asset to any business organization. – Bob Munro, CEO, Power Productions Corp. November 22, 2011

“Gary lives at the intersection of money and business for getting the ball rolling and through the hump. He gives great content on how to raise your game as entrepreneurs. Raise the bottom line and increase the number of trips to Tahiti.” – Emily Chase Smith, April 2013