habitsI write things down on sticky notes and find them stuck to my shoe. I hate making phone calls but don’t mind speeches. I forgive everyone which means I have little angst and lots of friends. Seriously, some things can help you and your business.

Here are some things to do on a regular basis and hopefully they will become good habits for your business.

  1. Write everything down, especially things you are avoiding. Use a daily log, Google Docs or sticky notes but do it. You can’t afford to be a procrastinator in your business.
  2. Steel yourself, trick yourself or whatever you need to do to make the phone or sales calls you need to make.
  3. Don’t be afraid to call anyone even if you think they are ‘too far up the food chain’. You would be surprised how easy it is to reach some people who can benefit your business.
  4. Quid Pro Quo (something for something) – be genuine in your dealings with clients and suppliers and you will have it returned.
  5. Meet a couple of new people a day, every day. Become a people person.
  6. Forgive people and make amends to those you have had poor interaction with or you have ‘wronged’. Forgiveness is powerful.
  7. Pay It Forward without expectations and things will come your way.
  8. Although I love people and relish my relationships I’m still a shy guy (seriously). Don’t hide in your office. Get out of your Comfort Zone everyday.
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