The tagline or slogan follows the name usually beneath the name and may be in italics, or not,  or another manner to differentiate. This is then analyzed under the following criteria:

1.    Does it correctly identify the nature of the business

2.    Does it include words not in the title of the company name

3.    Does it reflect quality, benefits or price differentiation?

4.    Should you put dots between specific points

5.    Should you use italics or a different colour to differentiate

6.    Should you try to be funny, depends on the customer

  • a client ABC HiRise Caulking’s tagline “The Fastest Caulk in the West” . His clients werre usually men who thought that was hilarious

7.    Pitfalls to avoid

  • Too long
  • Words above a grade 6 level
  • Repeating words in the business name in the tagline
  • Obscure words or double meanings
  • Rude or silly words
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  1. Wonderful, good saying and very vivid expression, i truly like your opinion about that.I gotta say very good and quite persuasive.

  2. Nice post! It’d be great if you could do also a similar post on specific/niche advice for business logos and marketing strategies as well. I’d think most entrepreneurs with smaller budgets would appreciate any and all advice in that arena 😀

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