Social Media – the New Singularity?

I remember getting into social media in 1993, specifically as a web developer in a brand new industry called the World Wide Web. Sales for the year 1993 on the Internet were estimated ‘conservatively’ to be about $2Million. I heard, last year, that Alibaba did $2Billion in sales in one weekend. Wow! Talk about scalability. […]

The 2 Distinct ‘Startups’

I keep being asked what I mean by a ‘startup’ business. My first book, “How to Start a Successful Business – the First Time” was about the sole proprietor who had a great idea, had always dreamed of being a business owner and quit a good job to risk everything to go on his own. […]

GMO Food Continues to Disrupt Our Diet

Folks, I am afraid and sick in my heart about the latest news about the continuing saga of Genetically modified (GMO) food research. Apparently, if you take a shopping cart and fill it with produce from your local supermarket a vast majority of it is GMO, from tomatoes, corn, bananas and apples. A big announcement […]