Recycling in Canada

I want to talk about something most corporations don’t worry or care about – the environment. When I was a commercial photographer in Vancouver, I was hired by an internationally based remediation firm in Pennsylvania to photograph their environmental cleanup of False Creek, a future multi-tower hi-rise community in downtown Vancouver. I remember clearly walking […]

Why Do Startups Want Money

… And why would a funded company want more capital in the early stages. Risk Of course, some people thrive on risk and others want to mitigate it. If I can convince someone to invest in my company and provide an offer that I can live with and feel comfortable that it is fair, why […]

The Startup & the Mentor

A Startup is a dynamic exercise to find the right mix of talent, idea, money, mentors and skill in the shortest period of time to define success. Phew, having said that it is a scary proposition and not for the faint of heart. While the entrepreneur is building his startup and addressing all these issues […]