Rather be a Manager or a Leader?

I’m taking a course in Kelowna with Community Futures, on Leadership. Sounds relatively straight forward until you compare management to leadership, compare manager to a leader more specifically. A manager is someone who operationally directs or conducts the business of an organization. I see this as a technical role, a part of a system, measurable […]

What Do You Think I am, a Superhero?

What do You Think I am, a Superhero? I have quite a few followers on Twitter (@gbizzo) so I am often asked to help people with their social media strategies and development. I have my secrets but am willing to share some common best practices with people. But, hey, at the end of the day, […]

Startup or Buy an Existing Business?

Wow, what a conundrum, do I put tons of time in developing a business from scratch and face overwhelming odds at failure or do I buy someone else’s jewel of a business with tons of money. It’s so nice to setup your own business based on your own dream with your own systems and with […]

The Entrepreneur Tipping Point

I was talking with my wife last night about being an entrepreneur. She’s glad I have the entrepreneurial spirit because she feels it isn’t for the weak of heart and at the least is a daunting challenge. My wife, Jo Ann is a woman with good ideas, an exceptionally strong work ethic (starting her working […]