Vancity Board of Directors Election

I’m going to blatantly use my blog to espouse my Policy Statement for the 2010 Election of the Board of Directors of Vancity, a 400,000 member credit union which I support in more ways than one in Vancouver. I am a member but more than that I have promoted their loans to clients totaling about […]

2010 My Target Year

Boy has it been difficult to get back in the saddle in 2010. I’ve been working on my blog – a little, planning for things to come and getting people in line to work with in 2010. I’ve got an SEO specialist, a social media engineer, a mind mapping expert and a couple of professional […]

Go Big or Go Home in 2010

In business one must always consider the big picture. Sure you can sit in your home office and dream or plan your way to a successful business. You can create the best product, come up with the best service or have created the ultimate mousetrap but if you don’t think big enough you won’t get […]