The Marketing Plan – An Outline

Your Marketing Plan needs to be relevant, prioritize your opportunities, able to utilize your resources and be actionable. 1. Market Research a.Who, what, when, where and why. 2. Positioning a.Define your clearly defensible position in the market b.Your pricing must meet client demands and expectations c. Is your service good enough to offer a 100% […]

Separating Home & Business

I dreamed of being an entrepreneur so I could manage my own life, create my own opportunities, be the man I always wanted to be and be able to work when and where I wanted. I always wanted to have an office in my house and be independent. As recently as 1999 businesses were not […]

What Makes a Great Business Plan?

1. A Clear and Realistic Financial plan You must realize that a banker, an investor or possible partner is going to want to be able to understand the basic financial position of your business. You should be able to put together a Start-up budget and have the basic skills to put together a pro forma […]

About Canadians, eh!

I’m Canadian, born and bred, and proud of it. I’ve noted here some observations I’ve made about us. We’re very polite. If you run into our new car we may say oh my goodness, are you ok? Contrary to public belief, Canadian soldiers do not torture people in Afghanistan, we’re too nice, we have other […]

The Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is an introduction about you and your business to another person in the 15-60 seconds it takes to go several floors in an elevator. It’s also a metaphor for keeping the message short and sweet be it an elevator, a networking event or a chance meeting with a prospective client. Imagine the […]

Revenue Streams for Your Business

Revenue streams refer specifically to the individual methods by which money comes into a company. A good balance of revenue streams can make a company and the lack will break your company in the same manner. When I was a commercial photographer I had multiple revenue streams. During the normal months when executives were in […]

Becoming an Entrepreneur

You’ve been in your job 20 years and, man, it’s been a tough grind some days. The coffee is always gone when you get in to work and, of course, nobody is gonna make a fresh batch. You haven’t had a promotion in 8 years and to top things off your salary has been frozen […]